“The Sunset and the Lake” – First Photo Plein Air “Vaya”



On September 11, a Photo Plein Air “Vaya” was held on the topic “The Sunset and the Lake”. It was organized by the Fishermen Association “Burgas Lakes”.

The purpose of the event was to combine the stunning sunsets in the Ecopark for Biodiversity and Alternative Tourism “Vaya”, the flocks of birds flying over the amazing pond with the fishing and photography hobby of professionals and amateurs.

The main actors in the plein air were models, photographers and fishermen who underwent a preliminary casting due to the large number of people willing to participate.

The photo session started at 14:00, and the role of models and photographers were children, whose desire to get acquainted with fishing and photography was huge. Their teachers were 15 models and five photographers, each of whom proved himself with his creativity and professional activity.

The culmination of the Photo Plein Air was at sunset and in these short minutes the most influential shots were taken. The atmosphere of the event was filled with positive energy and high spirits. Models, photographers and fishermen enjoyed the beautiful September Saturday and the right time to shoot the Sunset and the Lake.

The first Photo PPlein Air of its kind in Ecopark “Vaya” was also a means to promote the multifaceted Burgas Lake, as a place with opportunities for development of nature-friendly photo tourism, a place famous not only in Bulgaria but also in the world with its birds and contributing to the construction of the green image of Burgas.




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