The Bulgarian Food Safety Agency Advises Consumers How to Recognize Fresh Fish


The Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BFSA) is starting increased inspections in connection with the upcoming Nicholas Day holiday. From 28.11. until 06.12.2022 inclusive, the sites for the production and trade of fish and fish products, wholesale warehouses, catering establishments, retail sites, markets and exchanges will be inspected.

During the inspections, the presence of documents on the origin and safety of the fish, compliance with the terms and conditions of storage, compliance with labeling requirements, as well as the presence of personal protective equipment and disinfectants will be monitored.

Control authorities will pay special attention to the sale of fish and fish products in unregulated places and by unregistered traders.

The Bulgarian Food Safety Agency advises how consumers can recognize fresh fish.

There should be a very thin layer of slime on the surface of fresh fish. If the mucus is abundant and the layer is dense, it means that the fish has been there for a longer time. The scales should be shiny, tightly glued to the body. The gills should be pink-red and the eyes clear. When you press your finger on the fish, the indentation should disappear quickly.

BFSA urges consumers to buy fish only from registered establishments, so as not to expose themselves to risk.

In case of suspicion of irregularities, citizens can file an online report through the BFSA website or on the hotline 0700 122 99.

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