The exhibition of the talented Burgas photographer Hristo Anestev is inspired by the growing amounts of waste on the Black Sea coast, which are increasingly falling within the scope of his lens. He decides not to avoid them, but to photograph them along with the beautiful moments to demonstrate the scale of the problem and to awaken to action all who come into contact with his art.

Hristo Anestev is a member of the Board of Directors of the Velika Strandzha Association and Chairman of the meeting of the regular members of the Burgas Lakes Fishermen’s Association, which regularly organizes actions for cleaning the sea shore and protected areas.

At the invitation of the Via Pontica Foundation – coordinator of the project “Innovative techniques and methods for reducing marine litter in the coastal areas of the Black Sea” – RedMarLitter, Hristo Anestev selected some of his photographs from the Black Sea coast to be displayed as part from the Information Days of the project, organised in order to raise awareness of citizens and guests of Burgas regarding solid marine waste and how they could personally be involved in their reduction.

You can visit the exhibition in front of one of the most symbolic and memorable buildings in Burgas – the Sea Casino, located on the central alley of the Seaside Park. The exhibition will be open on the 15th of May and will remain there until 29th of May.

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