Large-scale Action of Inspectors from “RK” Burgas Together with the Ministry of Interior


A team of inspectors of “RC” Burgas, after a long observation and pursuit of minibuses, with suspicion of illegal transportation of fresh fishery products, managed to stop and identify one of them. The other driver of the van abandoned the vehicle and fled the scene. After requesting assistance from the Ministry of Interior, the driver of the abandoned car was identified.

NAFA control bodies inspected the vans and found that chilled fresh carp, bream and sander with a total weight of 295 kg were being transported.

The two vehicles are not licensed for transport of fish and other aquatic organisms under Art. 246 of the AIA, and for the transported fish there are no documents establishing its origin.

After a phone call to one of the violators, documents on the origin of the fish were brought, establishing their authenticity. The person who owns both minibuses has been issued 2 AUAs by the NAFA control bodies for violating the provisions of the LRA.



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