IARA -Burgas Employees Rescued a Pelican, Three Turtles and Hundreds of Kilograms of Fish


A team of employees of the Fisheries and Control sector of the National Executive Agency for Fisheries and Aquaculture (IARA) in the city of Burgas carried out massive inspections along the shores and in the waters of Lake Vaya and the Mandra Dam.

In the course of the inspections, 9 nets with a total length of 450 meters were found in the Lake Vaya with catches of carp, carassius and bream – 18 kg. The fish was released and returned to the lake.

In the Mandra dam, 28 nets with a total length of 1400 m were found in working position.

The fish of the carp species caught in them – 200 kg, three turtles, a trophy specimen of the catfish species – 30 kg were released and immediately returned to the water. The silver carassius and bream were donated to Zoopark Burgas for food for the fish-eating animals. During the action, a pelican entangled in the nets was also rescued.

Acts have also been drawn up for unregulated recreational fishing.





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