Fishermen Schools Are Launched with the Participation of Thousands of Children from All over the Country


Executive Agency for Fisheries and Aquaculture (NAFA) welcomes the decision of the National Hunting and Fishermen’s Association – “Union of Hunters and Fishermen in Bulgaria” (NLRS-SLRB) to resume and upgrade the Fishermen Schools with thousands of children across the country under the age of 14

“We welcome this initiative, as education aimed at protecting the environment in early childhood and adolescence is an important process in which knowledge is acquired and attitudes, values ​​and a sense of responsibility for nature conservation and sustainable development are formed in all its aspects. NAFA will be happy to contribute to the implementation of the training program and to building a fruitful partnership, “said NAFA Executive Director Hristo Panayotov, who accepted the invitation to become part of the Initiative Committee.

Participants in the Fishermen Schools will be involved in dozens of theoretical and practical activities, including the origin and internal structure of different species of fish, fishing methods, ethics and safety rules for fishing and more.

Finally, a fish competition is planned to be held, as well as the establishment of children’s fishing teams.

About 2,000 children are expected to join the initiative. Preparations for the Fishermen Schools begin in March, and the start is on an iconic date for children: June 1, Children’s Day.

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