Fishermen of Kraimorie

Today we were guests of the fishermen in the Kraimorie neighborhood. We met Doychin, Iliya and Yancho Layfa – each of them with many years of experience at sea and thousands of fishing stories.

The men shared that the fish in the bay is decreasing! Even the gobies are starting to disappear.

Today’s catch was 5-6 kilograms of gobies and about twenty Black Sea shads. The gobies nets were full of crabs, which further tore the nets. Catches as that do not even cover the cost of fuel, equipment and network repairs.

But it’s not the money that makes these men get up early in the morning and go to sea for fish!

What wakes them up in the morning is their love for the sea, the blue waves and the sea wind!

Take a look at the photo gallery from today’s visit to the new, modern boat dock in the Kraimorie neighborhood.

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