Bulgaria Third at the World Fishing Championship in Devin


The national team of Bulgaria won the third place at the World Predator Fishing Championship, which was held in Devin.

On the Vacha River below the Tsankov Kamak Dam, the 60 athletes from 15 national teams caught a total of 5,984 trout for both rounds on Saturday and Sunday. The nationals of Ukraine became champions, and the second place was taken by the fishermen from Italy. In the individual ranking our Georgi Getov is second, after the Ukrainian Nazariy Bozhenko and before the Romanian Roberto De Bortoli. The Russians remained out of the top three, although they were in the game for the distribution of medals until the end.

The organizers of the championship are the World Federation of Sport Fishing FIPS (Fédération Internationale de la Pêche Sportive en Eau Douce), the Bulgarian Federation of Fishing Sports, the Union of Hunters and Fishermen in Bulgaria and the Municipality of Devin. The competition was held on the river Vacha near the village of Mihalkovo, and the two days are fished from 8:30 to 12:30. For this purpose, the area was stocked with more than one ton of trout.

“It is rare to see such a contested championship. Congratulations to the Bulgarian organizers and all the teams “, said the President of the World Federation of Sport Fishing FIPS Claudio Mateoli.

The main object of fishing was trout. According to the regulations, the competitors could catch it with lures, wobblers and silicone lures. This discipline is the most attractive of all in fishing, as competitors run along the river and change places in pursuit of trout. By regulation, the hooks are without counters, and each fish caught is returned to the water.

The World Cup actually took a dizzying turn in the provisional standings, which were calculated every 45 minutes. Bulgarians, Ukrainians, Italians and Russians fought a fierce battle for a place in the top three. Czech Michal Chepelak set a new world record, catching 57 trout in Vaca in just 45 minutes, improving Russia’s Artyom Mishin’s best performance so far at the 2018 championship in Bosnia.

The team of Bulgaria (Georgi Getov, Todor Kostadinov, Stefan Yordanov, Petar Lakov) showed a very high class in the extremely strong competition. Ours finished the World Cup with exactly 500 trout caught. For the Bulgarian team this is the third such success after the bronze medals in 2008 and 2009, and the second place of Georgi Getov is unprecedented in the history of our sport fishing.

“Congratulations guys, they did great. I thank the Union of Hunters and Fishermen, as well as the Municipality of Devin and personally the mayor Zdravko Ivanov, for the great help in organizing the world championship, “said the President of the Bulgarian Federation of Fisheries Georgi Mihailov.

The awarding of the champions and their runners-up took place at an official ceremony in the center of Devin. The Vice President of FIPS Igor Chinyakov and the Mayor Zdravko Ivanov presented the awards to the winners.


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