Supporting, promoting and protecting the interests of the members of the BURGAS LAKES FISHERIES ASSOCIATION before the state and municipal administration and other organizations dealing with fisheries and aquaculture, as well as the protection of the aquatic ecosystem.
Participation and cooperation in the implementation of joint national and international projects and programs with other organizations in the field of fisheries, aquaculture and ecology.
Awareness raising and construction of extensive and intensive aquaculture facilities by sustainable methods.
Encouraging and supporting the improvement of the quality of fishery products and technological level, implementation of good production practices, quality monitoring system, sanitary and hygiene measures.
Actively participate in the prevention, deterrence and elimination of illegal, unregulated and / or undeclared fishing.
Participation in projects in the field of exploitation and protection of marine and inland fisheries.
Assisting the BURGAS LAKES FISHERMENS ASSOCIATION members in the development of their business by providing services, facilitating business relationships, promoting their capabilities, products, services, etc.
Collecting, analyzing, and summarizing market, marketing, regulatory and any other relevant information from home and abroad for the needs of the members of the Association.
Preparation of studies on the state of the branch and preparation of strategies for its development to be provided to the competent local and state authorities.
Development and submission to the state bodies of proposals, analyzes, new regulations and others in the interest of fisheries and aquaculture development, as well as in the protection of the aquatic ecosystem.
Supporting research and studies and drafting relevant documents regarding fisheries, aquaculture and aquatic ecosystem conservation.
Promoting a professional level of employees in the field of fisheries, aquaculture and ecology.
Raising awareness among the local community and building confidence through holding fish festivals offering various attractions such as tastings, fishing competitions and the like.

Publishing cookbooks with recipes or cooking lessons showing how to prepare local fish.

Organizing activities jointly with local schools to promote fish consumption and healthy lifestyles.
Organizing informational meetings, conferences, symposia, seminars and other events with the participation of fishermen, fish farmers and distinguished professionals in the fisheries and aquaculture sector.