Ensuring the sustainable development of the sector through responsible fishing and conservation of fisheries resources.

Increasing the supply of aquaculture products to the market to reduce the fishing press on natural populations of aquatic organisms.

Long-term provision of quality fish and fishery products at affordable prices to the market and the processing industry.

Provide a good standard of living of persons engaged in fishing and fish farming activities.


Non-governmental, voluntary and independent organization of legal and natural persons, working for the public benefit and having as its main purpose to support, promote, represent and protect the economic interests of its members and contributes to the European and international integration of the region and the country.


Legal and natural persons with accumulated experience and contacts in the field of fisheries, development of ecological fish farms, conservation of natural resources and sustainable development.

Governing bodies

The General Assembly and the Management Board.


Is derived from the initial donation by the Founders, subsequent donations to the Association members, donations and wills from Bulgarian and foreign natural and legal persons, in the form of cash, movable and immovable property, subsidies, dividends, interest, income derived from the development of projects, programs, publications, surveys, consultations, publishing and advertising.

The Association’s revenue may be spent solely for the purpose and the disposal of cash and other property may only be made by decision of the competent governing body of the Association and in accordance with the Statute of the Association and for the made donations in accordance with the will of the donors.


Professionals with knowledge, skills and experience in the fields of ecology, economics, agriculture, law, information technology, finance and business administration. If necessary, the Association successfully includes external experts and consultants in its activities.

Seat and address

Bulgaria, Burgas Region,
Burgas 8014,
Krajmorie Neighborhood, 16 Glarus Str.

Tel.: 056/993870
Mob.: 0888 849 079

The key objectives of the BURGAS LAKES FISHERMENS ASSOCIATION are:

Promoting economic growth, creating new jobs in the Fisheries and Aquaculture sector and making it a competitive, modern and dynamic, sustainable development based sector of Bulgarian business life, leading to a significant improvement in the quality of life in fisheries communities.
Implementation of infrastructure projects of local importance for fisheries and aquaculture, especially projects related to the construction of reservoirs, improvement of the status of water basins and land reclamation.
Development of projects in the field of exploitation and protection of marine and inland fisheries. Maintaining sustainable and responsible fishing and conservation of fisheries resources.
Modernization of the Aquaculture Subsector by developing extensive and intensive aquaculture and adapting that Subsector to market prospects and expectations.
Environmental protection – water resources management, soil protection and inland waters (lakes, farms, rivers).
Cooperation with local, national, European and international bodies on fisheries and aquaculture policy.
Defending and developing national fishing traditions.
Improvement of product processing and marketing.
Development of recreational and sport fishing as well as fishing tourism.