10 Interesting Facts about Fishing


Fishing has very real statistics, in which the facts are not only curious but also completely reliable. Here are 10 of the most interesting facts about fishing.

1. The largest fish caught with a fishing line is the ‘cannibal’ Great White Shark, which weighs 1,208 kilograms and is 5.13 meters long. The record holder, Elf Dian, used a 58kg line, and the event took place in Dinahel Bay, South Australia in 1959.

2. Between 50 and 80 shark attacks on humans are recorded every year in the world. At the same time, the humans kill over 100 million sharks each year, mainly for their meat.

3. Donald Heatley of New Zealand had the longest fish fight in history, lasting exactly 32 hours and 5 minutes. The fish is an ocean Marlin weighing 680 kg and 6 meters long. This giant towed a 12-ton vessel nearly 80 km, but was eventually caught by the experienced sailor.

4. With his catch of 652 fish, Jacques Isenbert became the record holder for the number of fish caught in the world. The Belgian managed to load this amount of fish with one “trip” on August 27, 1967 in Hungary.

5. 175.01 meters is the record casting distance of a sport rod in a freshwater body record distance of a sport rod cast in a freshwater body, according to the rules of the International Casting Federation. The achievement was achieved by the German Walter Kummer at the World Casting Championship in Switzerland in 1968.

6. In the Amazon River there are electric eels that accumulate a charge of over 500 volts. The locals use a clever trick when catching this fish – first they bring a herd of cows into the water to take the charge, and then all they have to do is catch the eels.

7. The largest freshwater fish caught is a Sturgeon, which weighs 212.28 kg. She was captured in California, USA on July 9, 1983.

8. The Albino Beluga is extremely rare and produces the most expensive and rare black caviar. It is actually not black in color at all, but rather golden.

9. The Genus Chiasmodon lives at a depth of 700 meters and is the most gluttonous fish. It can handle prey twice its own length and as much as ten times its weight.

10. The largest vertebrate fish that inhabits warm seas is the Grouper. Sometimes it reaches a weight of over 4500 kg. This is the approximate weight of an elephant.



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